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March 6th, 2015 Carriage Flowers

This time of year many of us get the wintertime blues. For many parts of the world, winter seems to be the longest season. Though the snow can be really pretty, and the holiday season, tons of fun; by March, everyone is saying, “enough!”
Nature is the perfect way to lift our spirits and brighten our moods; but what do you do when the weather outside doesn’t match the calendar? Order some spring plants and flowers to brighten your day and bring the coming season into your home.
Any flowers will bring joy and warmth into the home space, but here are a few suggestions to get your spring and summer mojo back this year.
Zen ArtistryYour MajestyColors are a wonderful way to beautify the home after the winter season is over. Choosing flowers in the traditional colors of spring or even ones in your own personal favorite colors will begin to add cheer and vitality to any room.
Lavenders and soft blues are one way to go, but the spring offers many of nature’s prettiest and brightest flower hues.
End of the Rainbow  Citrus KissedOranges, yellows, and pinks, are good floral colors that make us think of spring and summer. When trying to rid your home of the winter gloom, the more color, the better; and the more you will  enjoy and look forward to the change of seasons.

Luxe Lavendar and Green

Green Glee Boquet

 All shades of green bring the spirit of new life into a space. Green signifies the youth and
newness of life, and is one of the most significant colors of any season.
Lime greens and vibrant mixtures of different shades of green, are a modern and sophisticated way to add a touch of spring to your environment.


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