Celebrate Sweetest Day on Oct. 17

October 7th, 2015 Carriage Flowers

On the third Saturday of every October, much of the nation celebrates Sweetest Day. An unofficial sort of holiday alternative to the popular Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day is a great opportunity to remind that special someone in your life – whether a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse or a child, or even coworkers and friends – how special and important they are.
Red RosesHallmark notes that the day traces back to Cleveland in 1922, when candy company employee Herbert Birch Kingston delivered candy and gifts to home-bound members of the community and orphans as a small token to show them someone cared. The holiday grew through the passing decades, spreading throughout the Midwest and beyond, including here in Chicago, where many businesses offer Sweetest Day packages to treat that special someone you love.
Of course, flowers are one of the most popular ways to remind your sweetheart just how much you care. At Carriage Flowers, we have a wonderful array of beautiful bouquets that are great selections for your sweetest. We can also create custom arrangements to include favorite colors or flower varieties, a unique container or any other request to make your gift all the more meaningful.
For more information on Sweetest Day gifts, call us today at 708-383-4862 and let Carriage Flowers help you have a fantastic Sweetest Day Week!

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