The Beauty of Planters

January 12th, 2015 Carriage Flowers


Plants and flowers are not just decoration for many people; it is their passion. Plant lovers are always searching for new ways to display and show off their greenery. Planters are a wonderful way to display plants in your home and also on porches and patios in the warmer months. They come in so many varieties; small, large, traditional, and sleek and modern. Planters are also a way to add dimension and art to a room.
Choosing planters is a fun project. If you already own plants and bouquets, or small trees, which you want to place in a planter, taking a few photos before you shop is a great idea. A florist will be able to suggest the perfect sizes and types of planters that will suit each specific type. After all, you want your plants to thrive and look beautiful in a planter, so choosing one that suits the varietal, is the most effective way to do this.
Planters are more than just mere holders for your favorite greenery, they are works of art. There are some large planters that can become the central figure and conversation piece in any space in the home. Smaller planters can replace the need for vases or candle holders, as accents for dining tables, coffee tables, or mantles.planter
If your home decor is modern, a sleek copper, glass, or painted white or black planter can be a chic addition. Terra cotta, clay, planter or large ice buckets, can add warmth to the indoor and outdoor living areas of the home.
You can also be extremely creative by using items that were not made as planters, as gorgeous showcases for your plant life. Buckets, old tree stumps, vintage trash cans, and basins, make beautiful DIY planters.
Don’t limit yourself when it comes to choosing planters you love. Whether you choose to purchase your planters from a garden shop or florist, or make them your very own DIY projects; planters add lots of color and personality to your home and patio.

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