Thinking Outside the Box With Valentine’s Day Flowers

February 5th, 2015 Carriage Flowers

It’s almost Valentine’s Day 2015, and whether you are a couple, or a happy single, there is always a reason to celebrate a day of love and giving. Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, it is a celebration of love between family and friends as well.


Flowers will always be on-trend when it comes to Valentine Day gifts, and there are new and more creative ways than ever, to honor your friends and loved ones with these floral beauties. Thinking outside the box when it comes to giving flowers is easy, because flowers come in endless varieties that symbolize various forms of love between two people.


red rosesLet’s Begin with Roses


Roses are the quintessential “I love you” flowers, but not many people know that different colors of roses can say “I love you” in dozens of ways. Of course, red roses have always been the flower of true romance. Gorgeous deeply colored scarlet roses are a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift whether presented in a crystal vase, a bouquet garnished with lovely Baby’s Breath, or freshly cut with a box of chocolates and a few sentimental words. Red roses are the queens of Valentine’s Day.


pink roses


Pink roses are becoming increasingly popular for Valentine’s Day and are wonderful gifts not only for couples, but for best friends, moms and dads, and children too. Pink roses are stunning, feminine, and sweet, and are a unique way to show your appreciation to anyone in your life you cherish and adore. The gift of pink roses is a perfect mother-daughter Valentine’s Day gift expressing mutual love and appreciation.





artfully yoursGlorious Bouquets


A floral bouquet mixed with various flowers and greenery is the most creative way to show friends and family how much you love them. Have your florist assist you in finding flowers that are in the shades of your loved one’s favorite color. Telaflora’s Artfully Yours bouquet is a splendid floral gift for a friend who adores pinks, purples, and lavenders, containing a beautiful mix of roses, hydrangea, lilies, and gerberas.




hugs and kissesThe abundant Hugs and Kisses bouquet is a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for close friends and lovers. Filled with white chrysanthemums, pink carnations, adorned with beautiful red roses, the Hugs and Kisses bouquet says “I love you” in many gorgeous ways.



Don’t limit yourself to the traditional flowers or Valentine’s Day bouquets, though they all are forever beautiful; purchasing flowers that you are naturally drawn to when you think of that special person can be a more loving and creative way to choose.

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